Define “Interstalk”

I still think I made this word up; i.e., before someone entered it in the urban dictionary in 2007:

I wrote this song, “Interstalking”, in 2006 in one of my “seriously starting a band with my friend Noelle” moments.  The first verse was inspired by a story a male friend told me.  He had met a girl on myspace (yes, this terminology pre-dates Facebook) and they had such text communications as described in the song.  This was long before texting officially ruined my dating life (2011).

I’m interstalking you.

Are you interstalking me?

I don’t know what I’m gonna do.  

On the day we really meet.

I’ve read your profile and I’ve seen you around.

You should text me if you’re going to be downtown.

I’m interstalking you baby…

In 2008, my friend Paul added this verse:

I didn’t have much to do.

Till I started interstalking you.

I’m picking up on your subtle clues.

And you’re taking up all of my time – 

And it’s a good time!

I’m interstalking you baby…

Somewhere exists a video of us crudely playing this on acoustic guitars in his house in Denver.

I’ve often been told I’m obsessive, and the internet and its vast, sometimes un-deletable (see my profile) stores of historical content are as dangerous, if not more dangerous for me than for most of my friends.

However, without my obsessions, I feel empty, like when I finished “Orange is the New Black” on Netflix.  The 16 hours before the book that inspired the TV series arrived in the mail were really boring.

I’m just a person who likes to seek.  The key is healthy seeking.  I’m a work in progress old enough to impart some wisdom.  Welcome to my Tumblr.


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