Reggae = Summer

I just discovered this song recently, found it on Spotify, looked up Althia and Donna, and made an early conclusion that the lyrics are about having the best style in the neighborhood even though your funds are low.  Also, all the guys are checking you out.  Later I realized it could potentially be about prostitutes?  I haven’t investigated further and welcome your comments!

I’ve been listening to “Uptown Top Ranking” and Wild Belle – they fit my mood.

Only after listening to Wild Belle a few times did I wiki them and realize the brother in the band (Elliot) was the same Elliot I saw play in Saturday Looks Good to Me and Nomo back in Detroit.

I’m headed on a bit of a blogging hiatus after a pretty strong commitment to posting weekly for the last few months.  Don’t worry, I’m not giving up!  If the mood strikes me with passion I’ll post something hot.  But, I’ve got a personal project that must take the number one spot on my to do list until I complete it.

In addition, it’s summer, and I’ve got all kinds of weekend and out of town plans.  This weekend should be full of water and sun.

Cheers and things!

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